July Tenth

Salient Thought for the Day.
We cannot help anyone until we have found help ourselves.


Lines To Memorize
When thy feet are tired rest them.
If mind is weary, refresh it.
Pause awhile in the still peace of thy inmost cave;
Then rise again with renewed spirit of faith, hope and courage.


We can feel secure only when we have found our
connection with a Higher Power. Without this,
life is a sham. To be genuine it must be founded on
Truth. This inward connection with something
which is absolutely dependable, we must seek.
If we cannot seek it every hour, let us seek it
sometimes at least. If we do seek and find even
a little access to it, our service and all our actions
will be enriched.


O Thou Giver of all blessedness, who abidest
within me and without me, Grant unto me a
sense of Thy Reality, That I may never fail to turn
to Thee in hours of darkness and distress.
Help me to seek all my inspiration from Thee;
And grant me the power to carry that inspiration
To all with whom I come in contact.
Purify my thought and sanctify my life
And grant me Thy holy peace.