July Sixth

Salient Thought for the Day.
Those of us who can turn more within, they will
get more joy out of service.


Lines To Memorize
I know that Thou art in my soul.
I know this in my dreaming;
I know this in my sleeping;
I know this in my waking —
That Thou art my very life
Today, tomorrow, eons hence and forever more!


Love, forgiveness, tolerance are qualities that come
from within. They are the result of an expansion
of the soul. There is but one standard in life, to love
and serve and not pay heed to the world. The great
thing in any kind of work is to keep ourselves quiet
and serene, never fretful or morose. We cannot render
true service until we have made our body and our
mind fitting channels. When are we happiest?
When we have a sense of spiritual relationship
with mankind, then the veil of selfishness is
lifted from our inner vision and we realize the
oneness of our soul with the Great Soul and all


O Compassionate Being, do Thou fasten my life to
Thee with steadfast devotion and faith.
Remove all self-limitation from my heart,
And make me untiring in loving service.
May I feel blessed as I serve
And may I express love through every act of my life.
May I never forget Thee or Thy children.