July Sixteenth

Salient Thought for the Day.
We cannot sink without dragging others down.


Lines To Memorize
(Ego!) henceforth stay thou out of this land, for it
is guarded by His sentinels. When thou didst first
enter my home as a friend I trusted thee, also thy
companions; But thou art no friend of mine.
Thou hast brought me vanities of self-love, pride and possession.


It is a diseased state of mind when we look at
another or speak to another harshly. It implies
a low grade of humanity. When we strike at another,
we deal a blow at ourselves. We cannot harm another
without having a harmful reaction in our own life.
When big forces stir in small vessels, it rouses the
worst in them. When anger or hatred sweep over a
little nature it acts like a fever or delirium;
it causes havoc and disaster.


O Thou Infinite One, awaken in my soul a sense
of Thy Reality, That I may never do anything
unworthy of Thy Presence. Thou knowest my
innermost thoughts; Cleanse them of all impurity
and imperfection ; And uplift my mind and heart
That they may never fail to seek Thee.