July Seventh

Salient Thought for the Day.
We owe a certain obligation to our own spiritual being.
We serve others by cultivating it.


Lines To Memorize
Dost Thou know, who knowest all,
That I need Thee at all hours of day and night,
Both m joy and sorrow, dark and light?


When we do not seek to unfold our higher nature,
we weaken our spiritual fibre and it suffers.
It cannot die because it is immortal, but it can
suffer through our carelessness. When it suffers,
everything suffers within us. Others also suffer
through us. When we live our life carelessly,
we defeat its purpose; we shatter our faith and
we lose our power to serve wisely. An illumined
soul always understands the needs of others and
perceives the best way to meet them. He has a
sense of kinship with all living things and sympathy,
forbearance and loving kindness are natural to
him. He expresses these qualities spontaneously
through every act and word.


May the Infinite Being help me to gather up my
thoughts and feelings and offer them unto Him;
May He make my life, my thoughts and actions
more worthy, May He remove from me all
imperfections and grant me His loving blessing.