July Seventeenth

Salient Thought for the Day.
When we learn to go through the difficult places
holding our Ideal ever before us, we elevate
ourselves and help others.


Lines To Memorize
Compassionate Spirit, guide our steps!
Do not let us blunder or be led by our self-will.
We know not how to follow nor what to follow
amid these our life’s endless ways.


When we lift our mind to that which coincides with
our higher aspirations, we create happiness and
peace in our own life and we carry them into other
lives; because what we have in abundance ourselves,
we are able to share with others. We do share with
others constantly, not merely when we talk about
higher things; but also unconsciously we share,
because we cannot receive blessing without giving it.


May the Supreme Being who abides within me,
May He grant me evenness of mind and a peaceful heart.
May He make me staunch and steadfast in my daily life.
May He help me to remain calm and serene in all circumstances,
And may I never forget to turn to Him at every hour.