July Second

Salient Thought for the Day.
Pray to the Lord that you may be able to serve wisely.


Lines To Memorize
I was sad at heart, most doubtful of my thankless task,
But I stood firm, obedient to Thy Will. At last a few
came and paused and asked me what manner
of light was this that burned without oil or wick.
I told them it was Thy unfailing lamp that needs
no aid of human hand; I begged them to kindle
their own, but they were afraid and hesitant.


The best thing we can do for others is to inspire
them with new hope and courage; by doing
this we also benefit ourselves. We can never
hold lofty, noble thoughts without benefitting
both ourselves and others. Man needs action,
he needs prayer, he needs service, he needs
love, he needs cheer. Do everything with
selflessness and a true spirit of service
and you cannot fail to bring blessing.


O Thou inexhaustible Source of life and wisdom,
Grant that I may feel Thy all-abiding Spirit within me.
Reveal Thy Divine wisdom unto me
That I may convey it to all Thy children.
May I bring to Thee a willing service And may
Thy love flow through my heart to all living things.