July Nineth

Salient Thought for the Day.
We can only receive in exact proportion as we give.
If we give wholly, we receive the whole.


Lines To Memorize
I told them of Thy song, but they heard it not for
their own voices were loud; they laughed and mocked
me. I sat alone with streaming eyes, yet these drops
were not from sadness; They were through fullness
that Thou, merciful One, hadst given me hearing for
Thy precious song.


Life and lack of life, light and lack of light—these
are the two phases of life. There are people who
are so glowing that they radiate light and life everywhere.
Then again we find a person in whom the light is
almost extinct. Our task is to rescue all those who
are in darkness by increasing the power of their waning
flame and making it strong and steady. How can
we be harsh, how can we turn a deaf ear, when
Truth stands out everywhere So clearly, and shows
us that we are in no way separate from any living being!


O Thou who art the Spirit of all,
Grant unto me the power to spread Thy blessings
among all the children of men. Make me a channel
of ever higher and higher service. Help me to give
freely and without stint, Knowing Thou art an
inexhaustible Storehouse of love and power.