July Nineteenth

Salient Thought for the Day.
When God blesses us everything that we do, every
life that we touch, is touched with His blessing.


Lines To Memorize
Since Thy holy touch, I have lost all craving for
sense-pleasure; Things of this great world please
me no more. Life’s momentum may carry me on
through passages old, new and unknown;
But amidst it all, my heart yearns for Thee alone.


If we have God’s blessing, we carry it everywhere;
we have it all the time. Even in our blunders,
when we fall down and make mistakes, even then
we cannot be crushed, we cannot be lost, because
we have found something which upholds and sustains us.
We gain this through faith. That is why such tremendous
importance is laid on faith. It is a very precious thing
and we can acquire it through the sincere and
earnest outpouring of the soul.


O Thou Giver of all blessings, Embodiment of all
love and wisdom, Help me to carry Thy love and
blessing to all mankind. May I never cease to serve
Thee through my words and actions. Grant that I
may draw all my inspiration from Thee,
And rest my life in Thee alone.