July Fourth

Salient Thought for the Day.
Every task should be for the good of many.


Lines To Memorize
I plead with them with all my might,
But they would not leave their accustomed ways
of darkness and of shadow, the enemies of life.
O unhappy fate that leads the weary travelers
from light to dark!


There is not a moment in your life when you cannot
render service and set an example. Every one of us
can bring something to this world every day. We can
sound a note that will resound rhythm and harmony.
When we cultivate our inner sense of values, we
cease to be fretful, we cease to complain and we
always have something to give. If we give with
wholeness of heart, we shall be able to remove
mountains of obstacles and difficulties; and all our
struggles which arise from our imperfections and
which make our life so full of suffering, will vanish
as night before the day. That is the higher ideal of
life,—oneness in faith, oneness in hope and
oneness in cheer.


May the Infinite Being protect me from selfishness
and narrowness of vision. May He enlarge my heart
and expand my love until it embraces all His
children. May I never be impatient or weary in
His service, But may I feel at peace in my own heart
And bring peace to other hearts.