July Fourteenth

Salient Thought for the Day.
Only as you live in the Soul-Principle yourself,
can you convince another.


Lines To Memorize
Thy sweet perfume hath spoken to my soul its
language of love. Spirit of rose, teach me more of
thy subtle and wondrous ways of love; I am thine
ignorant brother, stranger to this new world of thine.


You cannot help any one, unless you have faith
and fervor in your own heart. If you have any
doubts about anything, your words will not carry
conviction because you have not convinced yourself.
If you talk of the power of love, you convince through
loving. But if you have any hatred in your heart, or
are a slave to anger and jealousy, what you say
will have little effect. We impart moral principles through
our action and by the way we serve.


O Thou Supreme Goal of the Universe,
Thou art the abiding and the sustaining Life-Principle within my soul.
May I never be unmindful of Thy Presence.
At every step may Thy guiding hand lead me.
May I think only as Thou makest me to think.
May I speak only as Thou makest me to speak.
May I act only as Thou makest me to act.