July First

Salient Thought for the Day.
The proof of our love for the Ideal lies in service.


O awake, brother! Linger thou no more!
Come and see this newness and freshness of love, life and joy!


A truly happy life is one which radiates happiness,
which gives happiness to others. Let us make
ourselves open channels to receive and transmit joy.
May we not only receive it, but let us make ourselves
able to retain it, that we may give it to others.
Let us pour out ourselves in love and service.
What comes of it, let us leave that to the Lord.
Every time we think of our own self it brings us
sorrow in one form or another. We may attribute
our unhappiness to other things but its cause
lies in self-seeking. We can create a boundary
between ourselves and such selfish thoughts
through selfless devotion and consecrated service.
That boundary of selflessness nothing can penetrate.


O, All-loving Spirit, remove all selfishness and
egotism from my heart, That I may be able to
love and serve truly. May I realize Thy Presence
within and without, And carry its radiance into the world.
May Thy blessing rest upon my life,
And may I share that blessing with others.