July Fifteenth

Salient Thought for the Day.
The best language is the language of the heart.


Lines To Memorize
What I feel now I cannot say;
The words are not yet made for its utterance.
Speech is powerless to speak of That which hath
given it power to speak. Thus it is, friend, so oft
I keep silent when thou wouldst have me speak.


We may theorize and sermonize about many things,
but this does not satisfy us. The practical part of
spirituality and religion lies in loving, silent service.
Service opens a new chapter in our life. It is a
fundamental thing, not something indefinite.
Service is the living expression of our thought and
feeling. If they are right, we shall never desire
to enjoy any blessing apart from our fellowmen.


O Eternal Spirit, open my heart to Thy all-embracing love,
That it may flow through me and bless all Thy children.
Make me a worthy mouth-piece that Thou mayest speak through me.
Keep me humble and simple and free from harshness.
May my life radiate Thy peace and bring joy to all weary souls.