July Eleventh

Salient Thought for the Day.
When our heart is full of love, we always find
ways of expressing it.


Lines To Memorize
Glory to Thy all-conquering love!
Yea Thy love is my armour,
My impenetrable shield,
My unfailing safe-guard.
I bathe in Thy love and am refreshed;
I feed on Thy love and my soul-hunger is appeased.


One who possesses love in abundance, he does
not remain content with mere theory; he becomes
practical in his spiritual living. Carrying the Ideal
with us in our every-day life is the real aim of
spirituality. What we have in our heart, that we
are bound to manifest in our life. If it is love,
then we shall not fail to speak the kind word
or do the kind act, or give silent expression to
love by our sympathetic attitude of mind.


All-compassionate Being, help me to open my heart
That it may become one with all that lives.
Make me pure and spotless,
That I may be free from all bondage of selfishness and fear.
Lead me from the darkness of ignorance to the light of wisdom
That I may shed that light in service to all Thy children.