July Eighth

Salient Thought for the Day.
Purify and strengthen yourself and make
yourself ready to do your part in the world.


Lines To Memorize
Dream, my soul, where love dwells in harmony
And beauty in its virgin loveliness.
Dream of divine ecstasy, Whose eternal melody
is sung by all created things.


We are responsible for all discord in the world, we
are also responsible for all the peace and happiness
of the world. The best way we can do our part is
to release ourselves from self-interest, self-pity
and self-importance. They robus of our opportunities
to serve our fellowmen. As long as there is any
sadness or sickness in the world, we cannot be
wholly happy. The individual consciousness must
expand. We must learn to live in the world sharing our
blessing with the world; but we must never forget
from where these blessings come. If we do, we
fall short in doing our duty and cannot have real
happiness; nor can we bring happiness to anyone else.


O Thou Eternal Spirit, I ask of Thee Thy holy blessing
And Thy protection from all weak and selfish thoughts.
Grant unto me this desire:
That I may never fail in Thy service
Or prove unworthy of Thy love.