July Eighteenth

Salient Thought for the Day.
The best way we can influence another is to be
consecrated to a lofty Ideal.


Lines To Memorize
Motionless tree, speaking its welcome with a
living tongue to the tired birds at nightfall,
offering them shelter! How silent is its language of love!
How by the gentle fanning of the leaves it soothes
its weary guests to their sleep!
How staunch it stands, watchful and firm
In its vow of selfless service!


Only way we can serve truly is to realize we are
all inter-related, and we realize this by realizing
our connection with our Source. In the world of life
souls seem to differ, but there is a blending harmony
running through all. We perceive this only by realization
of spiritual relationship. Serve like a mighty tree.
If you cut its branch it still continues to give shade and shelter.


O Thou All-abiding Spirit, may my prayer ascend
unto Thee; Make it so genuine that it may reach Thee.
May I draw all my strength from Thee, in sorrow
and hardship or in joy and ease.
Bestow upon me Thy peace and grant me
Thy tender blessing.