January ThirtyFirst

Salient Thought for the Day.
To convey our Ideal it must first mingle with the life.


Lines to Memorize
Alas, thy mortal mind holds thee captive by blinding thy sight.
Break its distorting spell, and wake!
Awake and seek! Look within and more within.
There thou shalt find thy true estate.


The outer life is an exact reproduction of the inner. The spiritual life plays a tremendous part in the world. We may be attracted by a flower and long to keep it always; but we cannot possess it if we sever it from its root. In the same way, we cannot be truly living, if our consciousness is cut off from its Source.


Let me offer up my heart with feelings of sacred consecration.
Let me give my life with humility and selfless devotion.
May all my thoughts, words and actions be dedicated
unto Him from whom we are descended.
Sail thy vessel on,— Steady, friend, steadily sail along.
Water may be rough Or water may be smooth;
But ever hold fast to thy compass. The sky may smile
Or the sky may frown— Hold fast to thy compass.
Wind may roar Or wind may be still—
Hold fast, hold fast to thy compass and sail thy vessel on.
Steady, friend, steadily sail along.