January Thirteeth

Salient Thought for the Day.
Life affords us endless opportunities for unfoldment.


Lines to Memorize
The stream of my life is ever flowing on;
Perchance in swift current,
Again slow and still as if stagnant,
But ever flowing on to find Thee,
Thou ocean of life and bliss,
To join its little stream with Thine uncompassed waters,
To find its wholeness in Thy Being.


A person cannot begin to think and unfold his inner faculties without transforming everything. His speech, his thought, his action will all manifest it. His life of itself will be consecrated and steadfast in purpose. Egotism and aggressiveness often blind our vision and make us miss higher opportunities. Only as we learn to draw from within are we able to make the best use of these opportunities.


O Thou Supreme Mother of the Universe,
Reveal Thyself unto me that my mind,
may be freed from all lethargy and doubt.
Lift my thoughts and prayers that
I may have access to Thy Infinite Being.
Make my heart harmonious and peaceful
That I may be ready for Thy holy Spirit to come within me.