January Twenty Nineth

Salient Thought for the Day.
People who wish to achieve something in the spiritual life must not wait for special occasions and conditions.


Lines to Memorize
The stream of my life is ever flowing on, Perchance checked by an impassable rock, As if blocked for all time from its goal. Yet the yearning soul with feeble stroke Finds its course through adamantine walls.


We already possess all the higher qualities and we can possess them consciously. We can bring ourselves to such a state of mental evolution that we are always equipped for our task. Then after we have done a day’s work, instead of being depleted, we shall feel strong. When we depend upon our inferior faculties we accomplish less and we are often tired. Our strength is replenished through simplicity, humility and trust.


May the All-abiding Spirit free me from all anxiety and fear. May He surround me with His protecting love. May I learn to draw consciously on Him. May I find my rest and peace in His abiding Presence. May I fasten my life to that Unchanging One and depend on Him alone.