January Twenty Seventh

Salient Thought for the Day.
There must be aspiration in our hearts.


Lines to Memorize
Wondrous Choir-master of the great universe! I want to keep my gaze fixed on Thee. Whene’er my eyes are turned away from Thee, I fall out of rhythm. My song apart from Thee lacks harmony— Help me to keep my gaze fixed on Thee now and always.


This world is like a symphony and we each have a part to play. We must so tune our instrument that whenever we strike a note, it will be a harmonious note. Some people are evil; not only so, they draw evil and produce only evil. Others see the whole world as a sanctuary of God.


All-loving One, bestow on me Thy Divine grace That all my shortcomings may leave me; That all my selfishness and egotism may be removed; That my heart may be sanctified And tuned in perfect unison with Thy Divine Heart.