January Twenty Sixth

Salient Thought for the Day.
We cannot do our part unless we have unlocked the door and found something within.


Lines to Memorize
Ever fresh life and joy well up in my soul
As I sit in Thy presence with open heart.
Thou didst hold the key of this house in Thy hand;
And I, not knowing this secret,
Have wandered long and afar.


No man in this world can be productive or make his action far-reaching without entering deeper into his inner being. Unless he does this, his actions will all bear the mark of thoughtlessness. This existence offers us countless opportunities to serve the Ideal. If we carry unrest, depression, doubt and unhappiness in our heart, we cannot earn happiness for ourselves or bring it to others. Only as we carry joy, peace and spiritual faith do we serve God and the world.


O Thou Supreme One!
Fill me with Thyself.
Make Thy Presence felt in my heart.
Kindle within me the true fire of spiritual consecration
That all my impurities and unworthy feelings may be burned to ashes.