January Twenty Fifth

Salient Thought for the Day.
It is easier to lay your life down than to live for the Ideal and humanity..


Lines to Memorize
Since Thy asking I have emptied my heart of self.
Now it is full! Yea, it is full of the inexpressible.
At Thy will, I have cast off self, yet I am!
I have given up life, yet I live!
Yea, I live now, not separate
But in wholeness of Thy life.


In this battle of life we must rise above all self-seeking and do our share for the love of it. Our motive should always be to turn out well whatever we undertake, rather than dwell on what personal gain or loss it may bring. When we are faithful to the Ideal, we grow indifferent to success and failure, victory and defeat, good fortune and misfortune. That which affects the little self does not seem so vital to us. We find our rest and security in something higher.


O Thou Giver of all blessing, we cannot weigh or measure Thy gifts.
Give me a contented heart, free from self-interest and calculation.
Silence within me all rebellious thought
And awaken in me the spirit of consecration and joyous service.