January Twenty Fourth

Salient Thought for the Day.
Blessed are those who sacrifice their lives for God and His children.


Lines to Memorize
Give thy life and give thy love:
Give all! Give all!
When thy hands and heart are free
Thou shalt receive Him who is all, yea, all in all.


We do our best part when we leave behind the element of self. It is not that we lack the power of love, we lack its application. We fail to find an avenue through which to express it. More we establish love in our heart and abide by it, more the vista of our usefulness expands. We never do anything noble without love. We must sever ourselves from selfish interest and fix our thought on loving self-forgetting service.


Infinite and All-loving Lord, I
lay my heart at Thy feet;
May it be cleansed of all stain of selfishness;
May it radiate a love that knows no hate;
May it find all its joy in willing service to Thee and Thy children.