January Twenty Third

Salient Thought for the Day.
Let your life be a constant sacrifice for your Ideal.


Lines to Memorize
Lover, give thine all,—all thou hast and all thou art.
Give, give till thy hands and heart are free.
Dost thou fear?
Nay, perfect love knoweth not fear nor aught but joy in giving.


The thoughts we think steadily, create our atmosphere. People who are soaked with the world have occasional noble thoughts, but they do not think them often enough to produce an enduring effect on their atmosphere. It is only in living the life we create what endures. Spirituality becomes a vital factor only when we live and serve our Ideal faithfully. Our whole existence must be shaped by it. Then alone will our life be productive.


O Supreme Spirit, help me to forget myself —
all my grievances and struggles —
And lose myself wholly in selfless devotion unto Thee.
Guard me from pettiness and calculation.
Fill me with divine love and the true spirit of self-sacrifice.