January Twenty Second

Salient Thought for the Day.
Let your heart be fixed on Him and do not mind whatever may be the outward change.


Lines to Memorize
Perchance misfortune’s hammering hand strikes its cruel blow.
Let it not harden thee.
Again when fortune gives thee her sweet caress,
Let it not make thee soft nor rob thee of thine aim.


No great success is ever accomplished without opposition. We must hold fast to our Ideal in all circumstances, especially when there are occasions for failure and depression, misunderstanding and criticism. This is the way we prove our strength—our deep spiritual strength and deep devotion to our Ideal. The Divine Presence will always sustain us. It is never absent from us, in the forest, in the mountain-cave or in the world. When we have perceived the reality of God, we are freed from all fear, doubt and faltering.


O Thou Unchanging One!
Free my mind from all worldly cares.
Make it so pure and full of love that it may be a fitting altar unto Thee.
O Thou Infinite Being! Reveal unto me Thy Reality
And grant that I may never lose sight of Thee.