January Twenty First

Salient Thought for the Day.
It is better to look up and find our contact with something higher.


Lines to Memorize
When life’s perpetual spring is unsealed
Your stains will be washed,
Your thirst will be quenched,
And your parched spirit healed by its living waters.
In its miracle your barren heart will blossom with love, hope and joy.


If we are weak, we must look up to strength. If we are overwhelmed with despondency, we must look up to joy. If the darkness of gloom covers our mind, we must look up to the light. If we are in bodily pain, we must look up to health and holiness. If we are disheartened, we must strive for cheerfulness. Thus keeping our mind fixed on the higher, we transcend the lower.


O Thou All-abiding Spirit!
Help me to lift my thoughts from fleeting things
And fasten them to the Infinite.
Thou art the Giver of all joy and blessing.
Grant unto me Thy peace and quietness of spirit.