January Twentieth

Salient Thought for the Day.
We cannot be absorbed by the material and enjoy the spiritual.


Lines to Memorize
Verily, Thou art self-luminous,—all is lighted up by Thy Presence!
The paths of my inner and outer life lie clear before me;
I need no other light to find my way out to Thee.
I shall carry no light save one—the lamp of Thy grace.


A person whose faculties are all active on the outside is ever bound. It indicates a great sense of poverty to go outside for everything. A wise man, when things go wrong, turns within himself. If a blow falls upon him, he does not take it; he withdraws himself from it. A man of small nature, who lives in the outside world, goes out to meet the blow and strikes attack.


May I seek only that which is uplifting;
May all my thoughts, words and actions manifest Divinity.
Guard me from all selfishness and harshness.
Make me gentle and loving.
Bless my life and give it power and strength for Thy service.
Fill my heart with Thy peace and Thy blessing.