January Nineteenth

Salient Thought for the Day.
He who has touched something higher, his sense of proportion is true.

Paramananda, Swami. Book of Daily Thoughts and Prayers (Kindle Locations 401-402). Sri Ramakrishna Math, Chennai. Kindle Edition.


Lines to Memorize
Verily Thou art a transformer!
Thine unseen touch changes our blemish into beauty,
Our emptiness into fullness,
Our life’s harshness into sweet tenderness.
The marvel of Thine infinite majesty
Fills my heart with wordless ecstasy.


We fight and we struggle to find a little peace or happiness, but we never find anything that is abiding on the outside. When we have joined our forces with our Maker, then only does there come upon us a sense of peace, a sense of security that none can shake. If we keep a light burning in our room, there is no access for darkness; so if we keep our mind filled with God, there can be no entry for evil or error.


O Thou All-seeing One, Thou knowest my inmost needs;
Do Thou manifest Thy loving Presence in my heart;
Teach me how I may place myself wholly in Thy keeping,
And trust with guileless faith in Thy Guidance.