January Eighteenth

Salient Thought for the Day.
A common man always asserts his ego; a superior man is only conscious that God is manifesting through him.


Lines to Memorize
ICome thou (ego) no more into this house of mine,
nor do thou bring thy companions;
This is now my King’s dwelling. . .
Thou art no friend of mine.
Thou hast wrought me pain by thy harsh dissonant tone. . . .
Henceforth enter thou no more this house of mine;
This is His dwelling;
This is a sacred shrine.


We must form the habit of spiritual consciousness. We must learn to look up to something higher. If we do this we minimize our sadness, our miseries and fears. In an ordinary person the opposite forces, good, evil, pleasure and pain, are constantly preying on his mind; but this need not be. When we establish rhythm, we have our fixed level and we are not preyed upon by the ego. We maintain our balance.


May the Supreme Spirit of the Universe protect me.
May His blessing abide with me.
May I always act in harmony with His Will
And give myself more wholly to Him.
May His peace fill my heart and life.