January Seventeenth

Salient Thought for the Day.
God pleads tenderly with us, like a mother, to give up self.


Lines to Memorize
I shall dwell in thee when thou hast given up self;
Nay, I shall possess thee, fill thee and own thee
When thou hast given up self.


Direct, simple, child-like method is the best. All great characters have exhibited simplicity and directness. This is a divine gift. It is much easier to go by the direct path. Calculation, mental analysis and all such things entangle us and our mind becomes confused. When we have a true sense of consecration we are always simple, child-like and full of selfless devotion.


O Thou All-compassionate Spirit
Reveal unto us Thy abiding love.
Destroy all selfishness in our hearts,
Fill us with strength and wisdom.
Make us worthy channels to express Thy power and do Thy will,
And surround us ever with Thy protecting peace.