January Sixteenth

Salient Thought for the Day.
Souls that are full of self and full of fear are always troubled.


Lines to Memorize
I give my peace unto thee, but thou must give up self.
Be not affrighted, my child,
There is no loss in giving up self.
Fear brings thee anguish and it brings thee doubt;
But doubt, anguish and fear will all leave thee
When thou hast given up self.


Pray that you may learn to fill your heart with selfless love, humility and gentleness. These are the things which make us happy. These are the things we should crave for. God will always make us happy and bless us when our heart is free from doubt, despair and harshness. Direct all your thoughts and prayers to Him, then you will be safe from pride and egotism.


O Thou All-abiding, All-loving One!
Manifest Thyself in all my thoughts, words and actions,
That I may transcend the limitation of the little self;
And draw nearer to Thee through selfless devotion.
Make my heart glad and peaceful and fearless.
May I always feel Thy Presence within my soul.