January Fifteenth

Salient Thought for the Day.
Our real awakening in the spiritual sense takes place when we dedicate our life to an exalted Ideal.


Lines to Memorize
My heart is Thy throne, Yea,
it is for Thee alone.
It is love’s own design
And built by life’s unmixed devotion. . . .
It is designed by love,
Encircled by love,
It is love’s own creation.


The beginning of our regeneration takes place when we know our true nature through our connection with the Godhead. Real good comes to us when we find that we have the divine spark within us. If we learn to unfold that, all we have to do is to remove the obstacles from its way, then it shines in its own glory. We must have a basis for our life which is dependable. Wise men make it their first duty to find their home in Truth.


O Thou Divine Essence!
Thou art One Absolute Being without a second.
Make me realize Thy Allness.
Enlighten my heart that I may always feel Thy Holy Presence.
Teach me ever to draw my strength through contact with Thee,
And surround me at all times with Thy blessing and peace.