January Thirteenth

Salient Thought for the Day.
Stand like a sentinel guarding a Shrine.


Lines to Memorize
Be brave; be true, and wait!
How long? Who cares how long or how short!
Time is not our end;
Time is not our aim;
Nor waiting, our goal.
Yet wait and watch;
For time will bring ripening to thy soul.


To abide by one’s Ideal necessitates undaunted courage, unfailing vigor, unwavering faith and selfless aspiration. One must be fearless in opposition; in failure one must be undepressed; and in moments of darkness one must have faith: Love of our task must make ns forget ourselves and all sense of personal gain and loss.


O Thou All-compassionate One!
Grant unto me such a sense of Thy living Presence
That I shall never fail to consecrate all my thoughts,
words and actions unto Thee.
Make my heart free from all blemish and unloveliness.
Make me ever loyal and true to Thy service.