January Twelfth

Salient Thought for the Day.
Be faithful above everything.


Lines to Memorize
My heart is Thy throne, . . .
Humility is its pedestal;
Faith its cornerstone;
Prayers are its sweet frankincense.
The lamp of my life will burn day and night
If Thou wilt come and sit upon this lowly throne.


Our Ideal may seem very far, very unobtainable. That is the time for us to show courage and strength. Those who show courage and steadfast devotion to their Ideal are bound to succeed. We gain the highest by fulfilling our ordinary tasks and duties. Every duty is a privilege. Every task that comes our way is a blessing. Every time we have a chance to do something for God or His children it should be a great joy.


O Thou Eternal One! Infill my mind with the light of understanding.
Grant unto me firm resolution
That I may follow Thy path with courage that never fails.
Help me to draw Thee close in my heart.
Teach me to lean upon Thee wholly and never to seek my own will.
May Thy peace and blessing rest upon me and upon all living beings.