January Eleventh

Salient Thought for the Day.
Never fail to be watchful that you may be ready for the call.


Lines to Memorize
I heard a voice call me at early dawn. . . .
I stopped and listened;
I strained my hearing;
My mind stretched its wings but with no avail.
Now I have surrendered.
Come then, O mysterious One!
Tell me, why didst Thou call me?
I must know Thy will.


If we learn to do what is given us with an exalted spirit of consecration, then our actions will bear fruit in abundance. Our life becomes fruitful only when we do things with noble motive. The work itself is neither good nor bad, but the motive which actuates us determines the merit or demerit of every action. The highest motive in all action is when it is inspired by some spiritual Ideal.


O Supreme Spirit, who abides within all!
Awaken in my heart a living consciousness of Thee
That in the midst of all fleeting conditions I may ever remain watchful.
May I never fail to serve Thee with my whole heart and soul.
Grant unto me strength, steadfastness and firm faith.