January Tenth

Salient Thought for the Day.
Think what it means to every man that, as he walks through life, he is eternally with God.


Lines to Memorize
Thou art my life’s consummation,
My abode of unbroken rest;
I lay at Thy transcendent Feet
My weary heart, for its peace.


In the midst of the crowd we can have quietude. There is a sense of aloneness in the spiritual life—not loneliness; because we never feel lonely when we have spiritual consciousness within us. We feel the Presence and that Presence seems to give us a sense of aloofness from the turbulence of the world. Loneliness is an interior condition. It does not come from being alone; one can be very lonely when surrounded by many people. That man is never alone who lives close to God.


O Thou Unbounded Spirit of the Universe,
Make me to feel Thy nearness,
That my mind may be freed from all doubt and fear.
May I find Thy Presence everywhere.
May I perceive Thy beauty and sublimity in all things.
Give unto me true devotion.
May I always feel that Thou art my Resting-place,
My Source of inspiration and joy.