January Nineth

Salient Thought for the Day.
If we keep ourselves ever close to the Great Eternal One, nothing can go wrong with us..


Lines to Memorize
My soul is at peace since the dawn.
A cool breeze of new hope hath soothed my troubled heart—
Yea, the weight of life hath fallen from me.
I am bathed; I am refreshed in this new life
That Thou hast mercifully shed upon me,
Thy undeserving child!


Spiritual life means renewal in everything, new ideas, new thoughts, new life. Even the body is renewed and sanctified. We have constant opportunity to prove that we are God’s children. How? Not by words, but by our love, by our service, by our life.


May the Divine Mother give me spiritual joy
And make my heart free from all doubt and despair.
May my thoughts and prayers always be directed towards Her.
May She fill my heart more and more with selfless love,
humility, patience, gentleness and egolessness.