January Eighth

Salient Thought for the Day.
No man is cut off from the Divine Source.


Lines to Memorize
My heart grows bold with faith as I know Thy protecting love.
I shall weep no more for sadness if Thou but stayest near me.
I know that Thy blessed Presence alone is life complete,
unbroken peace, an island of eternal joy.


No one can have a monopoly of spirituality. No one can claim exclusive right to it. It is not something cut and dried. Spirituality means getting away from all that is calculating, cold and hard. No one can rob us of it except when we ourselves yield to our lower instincts.


Help me to give myself to complete spiritual union with the
Source of strength and illumination.
Lift me above all bondage and weakness.
Make my mind so free and one-pointed that it may be full of strength.
May I turn towards the Light,
That Light which reveals, the Light that redeems;
To that Light which restores and replenishes.