January Seventh

Salient Thought for the Day.
All life is to teach us how we may bring the living presence of our Ideal into our consciousness.

Lines to Memorize
Verily Thou art my life’s fulfillment;
The cause of my joy and sorrow, laughter and grief;
My soul’s sunshine and heart’s raincloud.



When our life becomes empty, to fill this emptiness, we try to gather from outside and we gain emptiness. We try to find something permanent and we seek it in the fleeting. Consciousness of the presence of the Eternal within our soul alone will bring us peace and enduring satisfaction. There is no anarchy or accident in the cosmic universe. There is no uneven distribution of favor and disfavor. Only as we seek that which does not shift or change do we find our fulfillment.


O Thou Infinite and Ever-blessed One,
Thou art the conscious Being abiding in the hearts of all conscious beings.
Do Thou fill my heart with a living sense of consecration to Thee,
That I may learn to follow:
Thy path with unwavering faith and whole-hearted devotion.
Grant me spiritual insight that I may know and do Thy Will.