January Sixth

Salient Thought for the Day.
When we try to find our happiness from external conditions, every time we shall fail.

Lines to Memorize
They call me again and again when I sit by Thy side;
They think I am lonely and unloved;
How they pity my state! They offer me much, but I smile—
For they know not the secret of this unseen comradeship.


There is great joy, bliss and happiness in the life of spiritual consecration if we understand it. When our spiritual understanding deepens, spiritual truths become living for us. It is so sad when people close their door and deprive themselves of spiritual blessing.


O Tender Lord, Thou art the Supreme Joy of my heart.
Thou art the One to be loved and sought after.
Thou art the Eternal among the changing.
Thou art an unfailing Light in the darkness of the world.
May I feel Thy great life pervading my little life,
Thy mighty love strengthening my lesser love.
Surround me with Thy holy protection
And grant unto me Thy peace.