January Fifth

Salient Thought for the Day.
We must always carry with us high and lofty ideals.


Lines to Memorize
My life’s lamp was dim and dying;
But Thou, unfailing Giver,
Didst fill it anew
With Thy fresh oil of life.
Now it burns again with fervent, steady and luminous glow.


Every day we can keep the light burning within; but when the light is burning we must not become so elated that we cease to be watchful. If we have something real and vital in our life, we cannot go astray. So long as we live in the spiritual depths of our being we are safe. When we live with an exalted spiritual Ideal constantly before us, our life will radiate power and the brightness of true joy.


O Thou Eternal Light of the Universe,
Fill my life with Thy Divine radiance.
Awaken in my heart the sense of Thy Holy Presence.
Abide with me at every hour in my work and play.
May I never fail to manifest Thee in all my thoughts, words and deeds.