January Fourth

Salient Thought for the Day.
We must order our whole life so that we may live close to God.

Lines to Memorize
I walk before thee,
and I watch over thee.
I dwell within thee
And I surround without thee
In darkness I reveal thy path,
In sadness I lighten thy heart.
Fear not, nor be distressed;
I infill all space. I am with thee alway.


We must rest our life on the fundamental facts of being. If our life is empty, we must fill it; and it can never be filled from outside. More we live in the material world, more we become bound and more easily we are overthrown. But when we live in spirit, nothing can overthrow us. We should never fasten ourselves to the outer world.


O Lord, I lift my thought and prayer to Thee.
Reveal unto me Thy protecting all-absorbing Presence.
Thou art the embodiment of all blessing.
Fill my life with holiness and peace.
Make it fruitful and wholly dedicated to Thy service,
And may I never forget Thee or turn my face away from Thee.