January Third

Salient Thought for the Day.
Hold fast to the Light, then all will come out right.


Lines to Memorize
Let your life be a perpetual light;
Your words will scatter sparks of wisdom;
Your glance of love will penetrate desolate hearts;
Your song of bliss will rouse all downcast spirits.
Children of Light, walk in the light!
Let all darkness vanish from your path.


If we keep our mind free, clear and open, then there is no crisis in our life. We must never leave our inner house in darkness; we must ever keep the light of consecration burning there. Where there is light, God comes and no sense-robbers can enter. If we keep our life in harmony, evil will stay far from us. Some people pray only when in trouble. If we pray continually, then when trouble comes, our prayer will go on of itself.


O Thou Infinite Spirit!
Kindle my little lamp by Thy Great Light
That I may never walk in darkness.
In my life may I ever have Thy Holy Guidance.
May Thy Light ever shine upon my path.
Grant me Thy loving protection.