January First

Salient Thought for the Day.
If you have chosen the spiritual life, make it real and vibrant.

Lines to Memorize
We bring Thee our humble hearts.
No merit have we save our faith in Thine infinite compassion.
Do Thou make of us Thy tools that at all hours, in work and play,
We may revolve in Thy safe-keeping.

When we are imbued with the true spirit of consecration, all our activities are turned into worship. All tasks before us small and big become of deep significance. When our heart is thus filled with the consciousness of the ever-living and all-blissful Deity, we no longer feel the weary weight of life.

O Lord help me to consecrate my whole life to Thee.
May I find all my joy in Thy Blessed Presence.
Help me to fasten my heart to Eternal Truth.
Fix my thought on Thee alone.
May I never fail to look up to Thee and seek Thy Holy Guidance.
Fill me and surround me with Thy Divine Peace.
May Thy Holy Peace reign in my heart and life.