February TwentyNineth

Salient Thought for the Day.
Spirit always conquers. Never be frightened over
anything, but hold fast in faith. Nothing can harm
us when God is watching.


Lines to Memorize
With Thy strength
Will I break these fetters
That bind my ever-free soul.
If Thou dost grant me strength,
Thy strength I want, not mine.
Nay, never my strength I want
But only Thine—only Thine.


If you will keep your heart open and steadfast, the
great Spirit will not fail you. Life brings discipline to
make you nobler and stronger. Nothing is too much
for the devotee who looks to God for his strength
and protection. Be brave and enduring.
The brave heart is invincible.


Supreme Spirit of the universe,
Help me never to forget my Divine nature.
May I meet all dangers and difficulties with undaunted heart,
Looking to Thee for guidance and safety.
Without Thee no victory is possible,
With Thee there can be no failure or defeat.