February TwentyEighth

Salient Thought for the Day.
We should never indulge in thoughts that disturb our mind,
distort our vision or shake our resolution.


Lines to Memorize
No hurt nor strife there can be when thine heart is free.
Sadness and gloom, envy and fear, Depression and pride,
jealousy and life’s countless cares: These will never
enter thy home. When thine heart is free and filled with love.


We overcome the lower by the higher. Evil does exist,
but we do not have to acceptit as an inevitable fact of life.
We can always counteract it. We all have a common
heritage. God’s blessings are showered upon us, but we
deprive ourselves of them. We do not know how to retain
them. We cannot think petty thoughts and receive the
highest blessing.


All-merciful Spirit, bestow upon me Thy Grace.
Throw Thy light of wisdom upon my path.
Free me from petty thoughts and fears.
Give me understanding that I may come to Thee
And serve Thee with steadfast devotion and selfless
consecration. Grant me Thy peace.