February TwentySeventh

Salient Thought for the Day.
From the lack of fortitude and self-control we bring misfortune on ourselves.


Lines to Memorize
When Thou dost stand behind me, my whole being is
vibrant with strength; Life’s upheavals vanish and world’s
onslaughts touch me not. Teach me how I may keep
Thee with me always.
* * *
I am ever with thee, but thou know it not;
Thou dost not look toward Me with thy inner eye.


When people thwart us, what a consolation to know that
we still have our place in God’s arms. Never raise voice
or hand when adverse things come. Try to endure all for
the sake of God. This will bring true strength. No matter
what may befall us, it is wonderful to know that we have
our union with God. We are partakers of a divine heritage.


Supreme Lord, I pray to Thee with yearning heart,
Do Thou fasten my life to the Path of Truth.
Thou only canst make me firm and enduring.
Make Thy way known And grant that I may walk
in it looking always to Thee for guidance.