February TwentySixth

Salient Thought for the Day.
Those who are careful in little things, nothing can thwart them.


Lines to Memorize
When the Fire of Truth burns in the heart, It purifies the heart.
When its spark comes out of the tongue, It is vibrant with light.
Lo, it falls upon the ear that is not closed to the subtle, spiritual
sound like far distant music, Rousing the soul to a new world..


Unless we have true vision and are watchful, when
difficulties come, we shall not be able to meet them.
We must safeguard ourselves by acquiring wisdom.
Wisdom is abiding and always sustains. Even our
mistakes are not evil; we learn as much through our
mistakes as through our good deeds. But when we
have learned, we must be careful not to repeat them.


All-pervading Spirit of the Universal
Help me to find my union with Thy Infinitude.
From Thee alone do I draw strength and life.
By Thy light alone can I kindle my little light.
Contact with Thy Being alone can cleanse
my impurities, And bring me peace and bliss.