February TwentyFourth

Salient Thought for the Day.
We cannot better ourselves so long as we are at war with ourselves.


Lines to Memorize
Once I was a rebel and abhorred all subjection, even unto Thee;
My haughty heart would not bend. Now I smile to think with what
whole-souled surrender I lie at Thy blessed feet. Verily Thou art
a transformer! Thine unseen touch changes our blemish into beauty,
Our emptiness into fullness, Our life’s harshness into sweet tenderness.


Whenever there is any difficulty the wise man begins with
himself, not outside. We find the remedy from within.
The only way to prove our steadiness and our devotion
to our Ideal, is to so order and organize our feelings and
thoughts that they can never overcome us. Then we are
able to be so steadfast that we never fall away from our
higher Principle. Only by remaining faithful do we attain ripening.


Thou art the one eternally abiding Source of my life.
Thou knowest my innermost needs.
Make me worthy of Thy blessing.
Make me worthy of Thy kingdom.