February TwentyThird

Salient Thought for the Day.
Steadiness and serenity go together.


Lines to Memorize
Thy cool and consecrated blessing
Hath soothed all my inward being;
My fever of anguish is abated;
My restive mind is at peace..


Never let your mind grow turbulent or be shaken by agitation.
When we limit our-selves to one-sided vision, everything
becomes distorted and we are weakened. We are part of
the great Immensity, we should not have any weakness
or doubt. If we are part of that great Infinitude we should
strive to express it in our life. We must learn to have a
steadfast hold on the Supreme. Then we cannot be moved
by the passing conditions of life. So long as we keep a
firm grasp on Divinity, we shall always maintain our balance
and be at peace.


Do Thou, O Lord, surround me with Thy protecting love.
May I direct my whole thought towards Thee
And find my rest and peace in Thee alone.
Take from me all anxiety and distress of mind,
Grant unto me quietness of spirit and a steadfast heart.