February TwentySecond

Salient Thought for the Day.
The one who lacks in resolution and tranquillity, in vain does he seek knowledge.


Lines to Memorize
My restless mind, wandering and tired,
Sitteth in Thy Presence in rapture,
Like a thirsty bird that drinketh the raindrops
On a sultry mid-summer day.


We have no right to make ourselves so much
a slave to circumstance that we lack
resourcefulness. We should be so resourceful
that constantly we have something to
contribute to ourselves first, then to others.
We should never give way to discouragement or
to a sense of aloneness. We should be glad
when circumstances offer us opportunities for aloneness.
We should utilize these moments to cultivate
the love of high ideals and learn to reflect them in our life.


Thou, All-wise One, art the Source of my life and power;
Reveal Thyself unto me that my mind, may be freed from
doubt and darkness. May my thoughts and prayers be worthy,
That I may gain access to Thy Infinite Light. Through it
all things are known. Fill my heart with that Light,
leaving no room for aught else.